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Common Questions

Choosing the right roofer 

Choosing the right roofer is a daunting task. The most important thing when looking for a roofer is the quality of both the workmanship as well as the product.  Each of our roofers are trained to the industry standards in installation.  We stand behind this by offering a 10yr warranty on the workmanship for every roof that we install.  All products are not equal.  We make sure to provide not only the best products, but products that have be tried and tested in our location.  Our moto is that if we wouldn't be comfortable with the installation and product on our roof we won't put it on yours. a second thing that is extremely important is insurance.  A trustworthy roofer will always provide you with an up-to-date proof of insurance upfront so that you have the insurance on record.  If your roofer does not have WCB or liability coverage, you as the homeowner are liable for everything that happens on the roof including injuries of employees.  The third thing that we believe is extremely important is service.  You need to be able to know that if there are any problems in the future your roofer will be a simple phone call away to come and fix any issue or answer any questions you might have.

When should my roof be replaced?

A roof needs replacement when the materials are leaking, warping or cracking.  Because of the large amount of rain we see in Courtenay and Campbell River a small leak can quickly turn into a large problem. We recommend replacing the roof before a leak occurs to avoid costly damage such as rotten wood, drywall, and  insulation.   If your roof is 15yrs or older we would suggest getting and honest opinion on the lifespan that is left in the roof.  Remember we do free inspections and estimates in the Courtenay and Campbell River areas.

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How long will it take to roof my house? 

The average time to re-roof an asphalt roof is 2 to 3 days.  The larger and more complex the house, as well as the need to re-sheet will take extra time. New homes are usually completed in 1 to 2 days.  However, roofing is weather dependent and bad weather may delay the installation. The storm season on Vancouver Island can however, play havoc with even the best roofs.  That is why we suggest that you get your roof checked every couple of years especialy after a severe winter storm if you live in Courtenay or Campbell River.  

Can a roof be installed in the Winter?

Yes.  A roof can be installed in the winter.  In the winter time extra precautions are taken to insure that the roof deck does not get wet due to large amounts of rain.  Waiting untill the summer to replace a leaking roof can result in severe damage to the roof deck and insulation as well as cause mold problems in your attic.  Unlike other parts of Canada, Courtenay and Campbell River have much milder temperatures which make winter instulations much easier and allow us to lay shingles down without issues that are caused by extreme temperatures.


What Can I do about moss?

Moss is an issue that plagues many roofs in the Courtenay and Campbell River areas because of our moist climate.  It is important to deal with moss before it becomes out of hand. Moss can very quickly destroy roofing materials and large amounts of moss will often require the roof to be replaced. However, if moss is dealt with early you can avoid any roof issues. If you notice a problem with moss give us a call for a free inspection in the Courtenay and Campbell River areas.


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